Do you remember those red white and blue popsicles we used to eat as kids? I think they called them rocket pops. At Least that’s what I called them. Red was cherry, the blue was blue raspberry and the white I believe was lemon but I could be totally just making that up.

I remember on really hot summer days after dinner my brother and I would sit out on the back deck and our mom would give us rocket pops. They were the perfect end to a hot summer day. The colors used to drip down and completely cover our hands with sticky goodness. But the best part or the funniest for me, was when we would get a brain freeze.

Devouring the red white and blue flavored ice on a stick came with consequences. The feeling of ice cold brain freeze would shoot from the back of your throat up into your nose and then into your brain. We can all remember the uncomfortable feeling. And of course the way to fix it: holding your thumb to the roof of your mouth to heat your brain back up. Now I am not sure if scientifically anything I have just quoted about brain freeze and relieving it is even remotely correct, however I do know that brain freeze is incredibly uncomfortable and brings back funny memories to rocket pops on the back deck with my brother.

Speaking of frozen body parts. Have you ever heard of frozen shoulder? If you haven’t you’ve most likely never experienced the uncomfortable feeling. First it starts to hurt, you feel somewhat immobilized on that shoulder but you can manage. The pain is relentless however, and no matter what you do nothing seems to take it away. You try Advil, you try a sling or even sleeping differently but eventually it gets too hard to even function properly with that shoulder. Putting clothes on, unloading the dishwasher and even doing things like eating a popsicle are impossible to manage.

There is no “Thumb to the roof of mouth” trick for frozen shoulder. It’s uncomfortable, painful and relentless. It’s immobilizing and frustrating. But what if we told you that we have the secret formula to thawing out that frozen shoulder.

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You’ll be eating popsicles again before you know it!