What is PT? 

Physical Therapy is a physical treatment of injury using methods such as massages, heat treatment and exercise rather than drugs and surgery.

What happens at my first session?

Here’s what to expect on day 1 at Better with PT. You’ll meet your physical therapist and start to discuss what’s been going on. Your Physical therapist will explain your best option for treatment and then begin to treat the pain. This might look like exercises for your pain, massages or most likely a combination of the two. You’ll spend the entire hour with your Therapists as they treat one patient at a time for one hour. Remember your first session is not going to be your last session as healing the body takes time. So go in with an open mind and be prepared to learn a ton about yourself as well as how to feel better. 

What do I wear? 

Wear something comfortable! You don’t need to wear a matching yoga set, but rather something that you feel comfortable moving around in. You won’t be running sprints necessarily, but you may be doing some light gentle exercises, comfort is key. 

Why do I have to do these exercises?

A part of your own progress is doing exercises at home. In order for you to truly see results and start to feel better, you’ll need to do some work on your own at home. This will help you grow the muscles around your area of pain promoting strength and stability. 

Can I go to Physical Therapy without a prescription from my doctor?

Yes. In 48/50 states, you have direct access to a physical therapist. That not only will save time, money and aggravation, but can be a fast track to feeling better.  Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will perform a comprehensive assessment to find the source of your condition.  Of course if your physical therapist deems it necessary to have further testing done or believes in supplemental treatment from a medical doctor, then we will assist you by matching you with the correct physician so you can be seen as soon as possible and continue toward your goals.  

What if I don’t know what caused my pain? 

Part of the reason, physical therapy is so beneficial to the improvement of your body functionality is because rather than figure out what caused your pain, we can work on strengthening the muscles surrounding the point of pain. So, although the cause may be a mystery, the treatment will help regardless. 

Am I too old for physical therapy? 

Never. We treat a range of patients from people just trying to feel more confident about getting out of bed in the morning to student athletes who are trying to run better. Age doesn’t affect our plan for treatment. 

Can I go to Physical therapy even if I did not have surgery? 

Absolutely, Physical therapy is not only for people who are in recovery from surgery but also for anyone trying to better themselves. 

I went to Physical Therapy in the past and it didn’t work, why would this time be different? 

Other Physical Therapy practices often target their business on getting in as many patients as possible at a time. At Better with PT, each of our Doctors focus on one patient for one hour at a time. This way we can promote progress and actually understand and treat the pain, rather than having our patients sit on a bike machine for 15 minutes without any guidance into why they’re doing it. Each session is personalized to your needs.