With Frozen Shoulder comes a ton of myths and conspiracies that people have come up with over the years, because to be entirely honest the condition is a mystery. 

Legend says Frozen shoulder can be prevented …. but is legend right?

Myth: No Pain No Gain

Truth: Move your arm as much as possible with discomfort, but minimal pain. Frozen shoulder is an inflammatory condition so if you are over stretching or having significant pain with movement, you could be making your symptoms worse. 

Myth: There is nothing that can be done, and I just have to live with this until it goes away

Truth: Frozen shoulder is a self-limiting condition that will eventually resolve on its own, however, research shows that treatment makes a difference when applied appropriately. Frozen shoulder primarily affects the capsule of the shoulder, however, the muscles around your shoulder, shoulder blade, and neck are also involved. Treatments such as Dry Needling and the Graston Technique have been shown to decrease pain and improve mobility allowing the shoulder to move better with less discomfort.

Myth: Frozen shoulder can be prevented

Truth: it happens from a number of factors coming together most of them not in our control, eg. trauma, inflammation, underlying medical conditions. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle where you exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet do appear to reduce the likelihood of developing a frozen shoulder.  

Myth: Treating the shoulder alone is enough. I only need to stretch my shoulder

Truth: The ability to move your shoulder is actually a complex process including your neck, upper back, shoulder blade, and your nervous system. Having the necessary flexibility of your thoracic in particular will go a long way in improving your recovery from frozen shoulder. 

Myth: If I just rest my arm it might feel better.

Truth: It might feel better to rest in the short term, but if left untreated the frozen shoulder can progress and get stiffer and tighter. We call this the frozen stage. When it gets to this point it becomes very difficult to move and therefore function in your daily life. Getting treated early is the best way to fully resolve a frozen shoulder. 

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