Pickleball is a wonderful sport and becoming more and more popular every year!! Pickleball can still cause injuries similar to tennis and other racquet sports, maybe it should be called pickleball elbow!!! Pickleball can be just as competitive as any other sport out there….Don’t fall into the trap of ignoring or playing through an injury.  Check out these steps below and stay on the pickleball court for years to come!!!

  1. Perform dynamic warm up exercises before playing pickleball (see handout). Performing a group of exercises that mimic the exercises required during the sport or activity help to prepare the body to play.
  2. Dynamic Warm up exercises also increase body temperature which reduces risk of muscle strains as well.
  1. Walking knee huggers
  2. Walking butt kickers
  3. Hip openers
  4. Arm circles 
    1. Forward 
    2. Backward
  • Core Strengthening
    1. The stronger the core muscles are, the better your shoulder, elbow and wrist can absorb the shock of the pickleball.
    2. Increasing core strength decreases the risk of any muscle injury.
  • Communication is key
    1. Just like with any sport, TALK IT UP!
    2. Call out for the ball.
    3. Call out for positioning.
    4. By communicating better on the court, you help to decrease risk of injury allowing you to play longer and smarter!
  • Improve your footwork
    1. Footwork is key to balance.
    2. Players tend to focus on their paddles or even the ball way too much. 
    3. Our control, power, and speed come from using your entire body properly.
    4. Proper footwork will ensure you:
      1. Get to the ball efficiently.
      2. Get there in a way that prepares you for the next shot.
      3. Engage your lower body so you can transfer your weight into the ball.
      4. Think about stepping OUT and not across.
    5. Moving your feet first, helps to tell the body you’re ready to play. 
      1. Side to side shuffle
      2. Backward shuffle
      3. Carioca

If you want more individualized attention to step up your pickleball game, don’t hesitate and call Professional PT and Training, here in the Madison YMCA at 973-270-7417.  If you would like to meet with one of our experts so you can avoid or recover from an injury affecting you playing Pickleball, visit www.betterpickleballwithpt.com