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At Professional Physical Therapy and Training, we pride ourselves on using evidenced based and cutting edge treatment techniques, one of which is dry needling.

Unfortunately, there has been a movement among acupuncturists to stop physical therapists from using this effective and safe form of treatment.

Our own Yuchin Chang has been practicing dry needling in NJ for several years and has been leading a charge to educate the public, her patients, and other physical therapists about the benefits and applications of dry needling. As a leading expert on the subject, Dr. Chang recently presented a seminar entitled Trigger Point Dry Needling: History and Application to Myofascial Pain Syndrome at the American Physical Therapy Association of New Jersey’s annual conference. This lecture is an instrumental piece in garnering support among physical therapists as well as encouraging them to use evidenced based treatment techniques in their own practice. The lecture was well received at the conference and has led to further support for dry needling to be included in the NJ physical therapy practice act as a beneficial and appropriate intervention.

We are proud to support this cause and ask that if you have been positively affected by the use of dry needling as part of your rehabilitation process that you contact your local government representative in favor of physical therapists using dry needling.

Below is the link to the NJ Legislature. Select your representatives and complete the form citing bill A1648 and your support of it.

Thank you for all your support.




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