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Still jumping and running at 100 years old

Paul Kochoa, PT, DPT, OCS, CGFI


The New York Times recently had an article about a 100-year-old senior track and field athlete who broke 5 records in one day.  Don Pellmann was able to run 100m in under 27 seconds, high jump almost 3 feet, long jump almost 6 feet, shot put over 21 feet, and throw a discus over 48 feet.

He has never had any knees replaced and couldn’t recall his last injury.  Is it the constant practice and exercise or is it just the genes?  Further study is probably warranted, but generally, maintaining physical and mental activity is important.  Mr. Pellmann practiced frequently for his events, even practicing for the high jump by jumping into bed.

The more active and mobile you are as you age, the less you become weak and debilitated. It can also promote mental health and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Exercise and movement should be a daily part of your life. You never take a vacation from your body, why stop trying to take care of it?

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Image courtesy of Toa55 /