Keep your fitness resolutions

January is the start of the new year, don’t let your resolution resolve wane. A lot of people will start new routines and hope for the best. “New year, New you!”  Here’s some tips to keep up with your resolutions and help you towards your goals.

Whatever your goals are, they need to be attainable if you’re going to get anywhere and not drop out. Start slowly and conservatively. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, so to speak. If it’s dietary changes, make them easy and modifiable. But always hold yourself accountable.  If it’s an exercise program, go easy, don’t be aggressive. Muscular soreness with creep up on you before your know it, so plan accordingly and don’t push too hard.

Set interim goals that are easy to attain. Then set long term goals that are a little lofty but still attainable. Set time frames, maybe 4 weeks for the interim goals and 6 months for the long term goals.

Plan ahead. Mentally prepare yourself for change, a new routine, and the long haul. Don’t rush into things overnight. You body will hate you for it and you will relapse. Resolutions are 85% mental.

Along those lines, make a “pros” and “cons” list. Organize why you’re doing new things and what would happen if you fail. Then tell people about it. Make it public that you’re going on a new path to make change. Spread it on social media. Try and create the “hate-your-sucky-old-self” mentality. The more you hate your old you, the more you’ll be likely to embrace your new you.

Reward yourself for a job well done. Be kind. When you attain some goals, give yourself a treat that doesn’t go against you new resolutions. Perhaps some new clothes, or a night out at a movie, or a day off.

Track your progress. Make notes of what you did and how it fits into you plan. If you falter, don’t be too hard on yourself, but get back on track as soon as possible. Keep trying.

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