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Do you have NEPY Syndrome?

Matthew Riordan, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Paul Kochoa, PT, DPT, OCS, CGFI


NEPY Syndrome is a major epidemic that’s affecting our country.  It is a debilitating syndrome that affects many people regardless of sex, age, or race.  Without addressing this problem, we run the risk of seeing an outbreak in our near future.  What is NEPY syndrome? What can we do to stop it!?!?

NEPY Syndrome is “Not Enough Pain Yet” Syndrome.  Basically, it’s when you have a certain problem or pain, then decide that it’s not worth it yet to have this issue addressed by a medical professional.  Many times, people will not call a doctor’s office or decide not to see a doctor because their pain is just “annoying” and is not enough to address. They leave it alone, hoping that it will go away and put off seeing someone.

Months may pass, the issue grows. And then it becomes so bad that they can’t ignore it and have no choice but to see a medical professional. But the issue with NEPY Syndrome is that by this time, it may be too late.

Physiotherapists are movement experts and we can address pain and dysfunction. Catching an issue early, we can solve problems in one session.  Late in NEPY Syndrome, problems and movement deficits can oftentimes compound and create an “onion” effect, peel back one layer and find another layer underneath.

When movement deficits and problems persist, over time our bodies create compensations to deal with the original problem. These compensations become harder and harder to fix. It’s like ignoring a flat tire on your car and just waiting to fix the rim or replace the axle.

Don’t let NEPY Syndrome affect you or spread to those around you. Learn the warning signs. If someone constantly complains about pain and does nothing about it, they may have NEPY Syndrome.  Send them to a physiotherapist right away.

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Photo courtesy of imagerymajestic /